Who can submit an article to the Newsletter:

  • LQ Board members and committee chairs
  • Coordinators of programs listed in the catalog
  • Member Enrichment Event (MEE) leads
  • HMCPL representative (currently Ann Marie Martin)

When should it be submitted to LQnewsinput@gmail.com:

  • before Wednesday noon each week in order to be included in that week’s edition.
  • If this target is not met, there are no guarantees that the article will be included in that week’s newsletter.

What about content:

  • Each article should be limited to 70 words except in exceptional circumstances. Important information should also be posted on our website or web server, making it easy to support a “More information” hot link where complete details are available.
  • Article content should be in a form that can be easily pasted into the newsletter. For example, do not send this request: “Please add an article reminding everyone about the xxx event”
    Instead, send this: Please add – “Reminder: Don’t forget the xxx event on Monday, June 16th, 9-11AM at the Main Library, Room AB”.
  • Articles should not use the shortened “LQ”, instead use the official name “LearningQUEST.”
  • Avoid use of first person.
  • Avoid underlining since in electronic communications, it is reserved for 
hyperlinks (e.g. email, web links).
  • Should generally include contact information in case there are questions.
  • Articles will not be repeated from week to week unless an explicit request 
is sent. Generally, a new article should be received (and varied a bit) each 
week to help assure that it will be read.
  • Suggested graphics may be submitted with the input. However, the 
submitter MUST verify that we have permission to use the photo in our newsletter.

Download a copy of the Newsletter Guidelines.