Board & Committees

LearningQUEST 2018 Board of Directors:

John Ofenloch, President
Bill McClure, Vice President
Jill Bromley, Secretary
Gwen Goins-Pratt, Treasurer
Larry West, Past President
Arnita Cole
Dr. Elaine Fredericksen
Dr. Liz Hall
Dr. Steve Jones
Bob North
Bob Stagg
Darryl Palm, Operations Manager
Laurel Best, HMCPL Executive Director

Board Committees:

Governance holds governance oversight duties necessary to ensure effective operation of LearningQUEST and monitors the performance of all Board committees, ensuring their activities fulfill the organization’s Mission and Global Ends Policies.
Chair: Larry Tubbs.

Finance is responsible for monitoring the financial health of the organization, safeguarding the organization’s financial resources, and providing an appropriate level of fiduciary oversight of financial and accounting activities.
Chair: Bob North.

Development is responsible for overall organizational development toward achieving the Global Ends Policies. Responsibilities include strategic planning, succession planning, fundraising, and Board training.
Chair: Open

Operations Committees:

Audio-Visual is responsible for acquisition and support of the audio-visual requirements of the organization.

Catalog is responsible for the design and production of the LearningQUEST catalog of courses and programs each term. This includes editing, typesetting, layout, and final preparation for printing.

Communications is responsible for all publicity and publication efforts, assuring proper branding of LearningQUEST’s name and message. Efforts include website development and maintenance, public service announcements, photography, public relations efforts, local event calendars, Facebook, E-News, and window displays.

Database Infrastructure is responsible for development, management, and internal support of the data infrastructure for LearningQUEST which includes the online registration system and various data output reports (in the form of spreadsheets) used by other committees.

Hospitality maintains coffee supplies for LearningQUEST functions as well as providing decorations, set-up, refreshments, and clean-up for special events including both Rally Days and the Annual Meeting.

Membership is responsible for membership and volunteer recruitment and tracking, supporting the LearningQUEST office and providing Member Enrichment Events.

Program Development (PDC) is responsible for the selection, implementation, and evaluation of all LearningQUEST programs. Members meet and work together on the committee’s many task areas which include identifying, planning, and coordinating our programs.